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BetAndPlay uses state of the art SSL/TSL* encrypting technologies in order to provide you the best and most secure gaming experience.

The provided payment options on our site are all secured and encrypted via SSL. Of course, we make use of SSL-secured sites of our payment-providers. A customer gets the following indications for secure browsing: the address starts with https:// and modern browsers indicate with a different background for the URL or the logo, that the current connection is secured. Additionaly a little closed lock may be visible in some browsers to emphasize the security.

The entire system gets continually refined and enhanced to guarantee the latest security demands.

Our online gambling systems are protected by an authentication control. The authentication consists of a user registration which may be accomplished within a few minutes. The user is asked to fill in personal data and a valid E-mail address. An E-mail will be send to the given address. Only if the E-mail gets confirmed, the new created account will be usable.

Data is not only saved redundantly on our server but also every traffic to "outside" - the internet - is filtered by firewalls. A firewall is a soft- or hardware based solution which filters given network traffic by specified rules.

* SSL/TSL ( (Secure Sockets Layer / Transport Layer Security) are Networking protiocols for a safe transfer of data such as debit card information or entire webpages.

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