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  1. May I play at BetAndPlay?

    In order to gamble with real money at BetAndPlay you have to be over 18 years of age and accept our Terms and Conditions as well as the Terms and Conditions of our partners. Even if you have the possibility to gamble worldwide at BetAndPlay it will not necessarily mean that you’re allowed to do so. Many countries have own gambling regulations and it is important to us that you comply with these ones.

  2. What is BetAndPlay?

    BetAndPlay is the next generation of online casinos. At BetAndPlay you may play Slots, table games and countless other casino games. Please have a look at "Casino" for more information.

  3. How much is a membership at BetAndPlay?

    Sign Up is for free. There are no additional costs or fees.

  4. What do I have to do in order to gamble at BetAndPlay?

    It`s easy. Just sign up for a BetAndPlay account. After that you are free to play every game directly in your browser.

  5. I didn`t receive an e-mail after signing up. What’s next?

    Please click on "Resend confirmation email" and enter your e-mail address you have signed up with. We will resend the activation e-mail afterwards. Please check your spam filter settings and your spam folders, the e-mail might have been classified as spam.

  6. How do I make a deposit?

    If you log in at BetAndPlay, you will find a menu item "Cashier". By clicking on this item you`ll reach the deposit/withdrawal portal of our payment site.

  7. How much are the fees for withdrawals?

    The payment fees can be found in the relevant payment option.

  8. How does BetAndPlay guarantee for the fairness of every game?

    We use a state of the art random generator - RNG (Random number generator). This means you can be sure that each of our games applies to the standard fairness guidelines of the industry.

  9. How does BetAndPlay protect my private data?

    BetAndPlay uses reliable safety measures such as Firewall and RSA Encryption, so that your data is always kept confidentially. It`s even safer to use your debit card at BetAndPlay than compared to any department store.

  10. I have lost or forgotten my password. What’s next?

    Follow the link "Forgot your password". On the following page you may enter your registered e-mail address. After submitting, you`ll receive an e-mail which includes further instructions.

  11. How do I withdraw?

    Click the link "Cashier" and select the "Payout" tab in the newly opened window. Now you can select the method for your withdrawal which suits you best.

  12. How long does a withdrawal take?

    Withdrawals are processed the next working day. The processing time at the bank is usually three working days.

  13. Why is BetAndPlay not as anonymous as most other gambling sites?

    Our entertainment also requires trust, security and references. The success of BetAndPlay is based on these principles - our founders, the management as well as the concerned personnel don`t work anonymously and that`s fair this way.

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